Learning the meaning of words and having fun

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

Third grade students at Raven Stream Elementary School wait to present the word they patterned a costume after during the Vocabulary Parade on Thursday, Feb. 28. There were 125 students who showed off their outfits to family. (Patrick Fisher Photo)

Witty, fracture, fan, blockhead, illuminate, vapor, fragile and biblioklept were a few of the words that third grade students at Raven Stream Elementary School learned. On Thursday, Feb. 28, the 125 students at the school on the west side of New Prague showed off those words during a Vocabulary Parade in front of their parents and grandparents.

“We really preach that this isn't a Halloween costume, but rather dressing as a vocabulary word, hopefully one that is a synonym for a more common word,” stressed third grade teacher Jason Wacek, who began the Vocabulary Parade three years ago.
Students were creative as one included in her costume an umbrella with snowflakes hanging from it to represent a blizzard, another incorporated lights for illuminate, a few had bubble wrap, well, wrapped around them for fragile and for biblioklept (one who steals books) the student wore a black mask and a black and white stripped shirt.

Wacek explained the Vocabulary Parade is based on the book.....

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