Schneid Remarks 2/22/24

Jay Schneider,

As another trip around the calendar ended this week, it is time to once again recollect about times gone by.

Bingo has become a pretty big thing these days, especially the prize bingos which are held in our communities monthly.

A friend of mine came across this interesting bingo game which should only be played by Gen Xers.

There are 25 spots on the card and every card lists something which you may have or have not done in your early years.

here are a few which I can not repeat in this column, but there are some really good ones to think back about. Here are some of the bingo rows you could win with.

• Have you ever used a card catalog? Ask your kids now about that and they won’t have a clue what you are talking about.

• Made juice from frozen concentrate in a can? This one isn’t so far fetched. I haven’t done it in years but I know I do have a frozen can in my freezer right now.

• Someone in your family collected Marlboro points, Green Stamps, or points on a cat food bag which would get you a cat calendar if you collected enough points.

• Ate tan M & Ms? Never did that - never even knew they were that color.

• And for a bingo, Did you graduate from DARE. No bingo in that row since they didn’t have DARE 40 years ago.

Here are a list of other items to ponder…

Drank the original Crystal Pepsi?

Were kind and remembered to rewind?

Attended a birthday party at a fast food restaurant?

Fished a toy out of a cereal box with your bare hands?

Watched the Price is Right when you were home sick from school?

Covered your textbooks with paper grocery bags?

Scammed Columbia House or BMG out of free CDs or cassettes?

Wallpapered your bedroom with posters you either purchased at the school book sale or got throwing darts at the county fair?

Checked the pop bottles during the MCAA men’s basketball tournament for the best teams?

Cut baseball cards off the Twinkies or Ho Ho Boxes?

I think I did almost every one of these things during my younger years?

Makes a guy think how simple life was back in the day



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