Prayers for forgiveness and healing

Pastor Jamie Prip leads one of the prayers during the local observance of National Day of Prayer at New Prague City Hall on Thursday, May 4. Nearly 50 people attended the morning service. (Patrick Fisher Photo)

Prayers for an assortment of groups and professions were offered the morning of Thursday, May 4, as New Prague City Hall was the site for the local observance of National Day of Prayer. The theme for this year’s service was “For Your Great Name’s Sake! Hear Us… Forgive Us… Heal Us!”

Pastors, reverends and ministers from area churches lead nearly 50 people in prayers for churches, families, community and creation, business and media, government, military and world peace, education and service workers such as doctors, nurses and social workers. There were representatives of nearly all the groups. Gathering in small circles, people...

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