Former Messenger owner retires

After more than 70 years in the local newspaper business, veteran reporter and staff writer, John “Jake” Keohen, 79, is retiring. His last day with the Montgomery Messenger was Thursday, June 15.
The Montgomery Messenger began in 1878 when Joseph Chadderdon started “The Montgomery Standard”. In 1907, Peter Keohen, Jake’s uncle, and Jim Sery purchased the Messenger business and plant. In 1919, Jerry “Chuck” Keohen, Jake’s father, returned from WWI and joined the Messenger staff. 
Peter Keohen, in addition to running the newspaper, coined the local festival “Kolacky Days” in 1929. Two years later, in 1931, he died after an appendix operation. It was then Jerry and Helen Keohen, Jake’s parents, assumed management of the newspaper. 
Even though he was too young to work, Jake remembers spending time at the newspaper office.
“Thinking about how long it’s been, I know that I was down at the Messenger office when I was a kid, maybe nine years old, sweeping floors, getting in the way, and asking what it’s all about,” he said.
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