About Us

Welcome to the electronic edition of The New Prague Times. A tradition of responsible journalism was started with the September 6, 1889 printing of the first issue of The New Prague Times.

The town of New Prague, is located in Scott and Le Sueur counties, in south-central Minnesota, among the gently rolling hills of the rural countryside. The New Prague Times is a once-a-week newspaper, distributed on Thursdays, and for more than 39 years, The EXTRA, our total market coverage shopper, distributed on weekends, has been a tremendous companion publication for our newspaper.

The New Prague Times and The EXTRA shopper are the two publications serving the New Prague, Minnesota area. The Times and The EXTRA are owned by Suel Printing Company, a proud member of the Minnesota Newspaper Association.

How can you reach us?

Stop in and see us at 200 Main Street East (in the heart of the downtown area)
New Prague, Minnesota
Phone: 952-758-4435
Fax: 952-758-4135

News: news@newpraguetimes.com

Obituaries: obits@newpraguetimes.com

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Classified Ads: classifieds@newpraguetimes.com

Circulation: circulation@newpraguetimes.com

Public Notices/Legals: legals@newpraguetimes.com

Office: office@newpraguetimes.com

Commercial Printing: awann@suelprinting.com


—E. Charles (Chuck) Wann
General Mgr.—Arthur S. Wann,
Advertising Mgr.—Mark Slavik
Advertising Rep.—Deidra Holetz Slavik
Production Mgr.—Dennis Lambrecht
Pressroom Foreman—Kurt Wann
Accounting Mgr.—David Wann
Managing Editor—Chuck Kajer
Online Editor—Jan Wann
Staff Writer—Patrick Fisher
Staff: Donna Schumacher, Jen Leff, Mary Widmer, Debbie Rank, Linda Beuch and Jeff Segna.